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one community at a time
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Our Mission

inspire and empower the hungry and the communities they are a part of to come together and work collectively in effective, measurable, and enduring actions to solve hunger in America.

The Hungry

Hunger in America is a growing crisis. 1 in 6 Americans go hungry; including the disabled, the elderly and 13 million children.

The Problem

The Covid 19 pandemic—and job loss from it—is stretching foodbanks to the limits with millions more at risk of going without food. Over 50% of American families now do not know if they will make it through the next month with enough food.

The Solution

Creating positive social change, empowering the hungry and engaging communities. OURVOICE will implement media campaigns to inform and inspire extensive community involvement, deploy technology to empower community participation and develop revenue models to fund hunger resolutions.

Our Technology

utilizing technology to address the root causes of hunger

Our technologies have been developed to reach into all areas of the community, identifying needs and matching them with resources, while inspiring and facilitating actions to solve hunger. This cross-platform solution enables a ‘Philanthropic Matchmaking’ combined with a feedback loop of the progress made, empowering real and enduring change.

  • stories

    Everybody has a story. And a core part of OURVOICE is helping that story to get heard. Our super short documentary style stories (created by award winning documentarian Mark Manning) bring the voices of the hungry into the mainstream, breaking through misconceptions and inspiring whole community engagement.

  • kiosks

    The OURVOICE Kiosk™ directly interacts with people at food pantries, displaying stories, asking questions, and collating anonymous information to enable the pantries to better serve their stakeholders. The kiosk is OURVOICE's first line of communication with both pantry coordinators and the people that they serve.

  • mobile apps

    The OURVOICE mobile app interacts with donors and recipients alike, creating a bridge where one had not existed previously. The app enables donors to donate the things that they can, from the creation of a training video, to the discussions on food health, ride services and the like, while simultaneously connecting recipients with the resources that they need to move forward and succeed.

Media & Analytics

Media, Analytics, and Revenue Models
OURVOICE: the system that creates positive change by addressing the root causes of entrenched social issues.

OURVOICE Media, Market Research and Strategy teams have worked together to test and create emotionally powerful videos to change perceptions and inspire whole-community involvement in solutions to solve hunger. Our strategies leverage media assets to design a campaign that will achieve:

  • Issue awareness to build inspired individual ownership of the hunger issue
  • Positive issue perception changes enabling essential community and corporate engagement
  • Overcoming critical misperceptions fueling the current lack of issue empathy
  • Establishing a broad media campaign to reach all corners of Santa Barbara County

OURVOICE will develop and implement scalable revenue streams for actions to end hunger. Working with the community, local businesses and corporate sponsors, we will facilitate micro and macro revenue participation models and develop a gaming platform designed to engage and fund community actions.

OURVOICE analytics allow us to continually measure and adjust the impact of our system on project goals, including issue awareness, changes in perceptions, messaging reach, and the effectiveness and results of individual and community engagement.

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hunger and the people who are part of the solution

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Our Team

an eclectic group of individuals, all focused on making change.

Mark Manning



Audrey Allison


Chief of Staff

Cristian Cazor


Media Producer

Jeff Sagansky

ConceptionMedia Films

Executive Producer

Langdon Page

ConceptionMedia Films


Reuben Aaronson

ConceptionMedia Films

Producer, Cinematographer

Mark Monroe

ConceptionMedia Films

Writer, Producer

Claude Chalhoub

ConceptionMedia Films


Seth Geiger



Tim Talley


VP Operations and Data Analytics

David Kris Washburn


Cheif Executive officer

Khrystle Dunn


Cheif Operations Officer



Director of Marketing and Product Development

Alex Bundy


Director of Software Engineering

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Our Partners

Food Banks, Social Scientist, Technologists, Documentarians and Media professionals.

The hungry are key partners in the project as well, lending their voices to help identify core needs, making them a part of the solution to the issues affecting them.


Fact Based Media

Opus Logica, Inc.



Market Research/Strategy

SB Foundation

Supporting Santa Barbara County

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